Unit 7: The Hero’s Journey Lesson 5

Unit 7: The Hero’s Journey Lesson 5


Lesson 5: Master of Two Worlds


At the end of the journey, the hero has changed. It is this change that provides the mantle of “Master of Two Worlds.” The lessons and skills learned in the new world allow for success (and mastery) in the old world. This change in the hero is the whole reason the story exists. With this transformation in the hero, we also see a change in the world. Simply put, the changed hero changes the world.


In their own lives, students may view the personal growth they’ve experienced and lessons they’ve learned as giving them the potential to change the world. How can our middle school students pay it forward?


Through exercises and referrals, we brainstorm and implement ways to set students up for a lifetime of empathy, resilience, and success for themselves, as well as helping other people on their journeys.

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