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Super Hero Kids

The Heroic Journey Mental Health & Bullying Prevention Video Series

Using stories kids love, our Heroic Journey videos teach children and teens resilience, empathy, healthy identity, mindfulness, positive online interaction, conflict resolution, and inclusion, towards ending bullying in all its forms. 


We teach kids to choose role models, peers, and behaviors  based on positive values, rather than negative influence.


In 31 evidence-based videos written by psychologists and veteran educators, The Heroic Journey helps kids turn their struggles into strengths.


We are seeking funds to complete this series.

Thank you for your consideration of this crucial work.

The following subjects will be covered in future videos,

pending funding:

Empathy • Helping Targeted Peers • Ending Implicit Bias • Navigating Peer Pressure Asking for Help Power of Crowds: Making Healthy Choices in a Group SettingPower of Tribes: Enlisting Positive SupportThe Importance of Representation • Bullying Vs Social Conflict • Victim Blaming Vs Supporting a TargetSocial Media: Funny Vs MeanHealthy Conflict Resolution • Friendship • Your Own Hero's JourneyYour Call to Adventure: What is Ahead?Crossing the Threshold: Plan for SuccessAllies & Mentors: Choosing WiselyPower Over Your Enemies: Depression, Loneliness, and FearMaster of 2 Worlds: Everyday Heroism for Yourself and Your Community

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