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Welcome to The Heroic Journey!

We are thrilled to present this groundbreaking Social Emotional Learning program — created by psychologists and veteran educators — which teaches crucial skills, using stories and characters that children find relatable.

As teachers, educators, and parents, we continually ask: 


• How can we teach and inspire children to emulate introspective, self-compassionate, empowered behavior for themselves, when faced with internal challenges? 


• How can we instill the skills and values that lead children to enact pro-social, compassionate behavior in their communities — especially when they encounter injustice and cruelty?


The Heroic Journey teaches children to act heroically — for themselves and others.


We look forward to this journey with you!

Dr. Chris Coker, Carrie Goldman,

Dr. Janina Scarlet, Chase Masterson, 

And the Y-USA / Pop Culture Hero Coalition Team

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Why Pop Culture?

Research shows that children learn most effectively in ways that they find relatable, accessible — and fun! Here is a video by Coalition Chief Psychologist and Neuroscientist Dr. Janina Scarlet, which explains our use of stories and characters which contain valuable lessons, and which children love.

Lessons Menu

Unit One

Unit Three

Unit Five

Unit Seven

  • 7-1 Intro to Hero's Journey

  • 7-2 Call to Adventure

  • 7-3 Crossing the Threshold

  • 7-4 Allies, Mentors and Enemies

  • 7-5 Master of 2 Worlds

Unit Two



Unit Four

Unit Six

  • 6-1 Victim Blaming Vs Supporting a Target

  • 6-2 How to Safely Help a Target

  • 6-3 Building Systems of Support