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The Heroic Journey
Mental Health Sample


We are thrilled to present this groundbreaking Social Emotional Learning program — created by psychologists and veteran educators — which teaches crucial skills, using stories and characters that children find relatable.

As teachers, educators, and parents, we continually ask: 

  • How can we teach and inspire children to emulate introspective, self-compassionate, empowered behavior for themselves, when faced with internal challenges?


  • How can we instill the skills and values that lead children to enact pro-social, compassionate behavior in their communities — especially when they encounter injustice and cruelty?


The Heroic Journey teaches children to act heroically — for themselves and others.


We look forward to this journey with you!

Dr. Chris Coker, Carrie Goldman,

Dr. Janina Scarlet, Chase Masterson, 

And the Y-USA / Pop Culture Hero Coalition Team

Why Pop Culture?

Research shows that children learn most effectively in ways that they find relatable, accessible — and fun! Here is a video by Coalition Chief Psychologist and Neuroscientist Dr. Janina Scarlet, which explains our use of stories and characters which contain valuable lessons, and which children love.

Lessons Menu

Unit One

  • 1-1 Identity

  • 1-2 Mindfulness

  • N-1 Tracking Daily Habits

  • 1-3 Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors

  • 1-4 Self Compassion

  • N-2 Emotional Eating

  • 1-5 Resilience

  • 1-6 Origin Story

Unit Two

  • 2-1 What Makes a Personal Hero? 

  • N-3 Energy and Food Balance

  • 2-2 Connecting With a Personal Hero

  • 2-3 Importance of Representation

  • N-4 Making Healthy Food Choices

  • 2-4 Everyday Heroism

Unit Three

  • 3-1 Who Am I?

  • 3-2 Understanding Different Targets

  • N-5 Building Positive Self-Image and Self-Esteem

  • 3-3 Empathy

  • 3-4 Implicit Bias

  • 3-5 How to Safely Help a Target