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2013: Filling a crucial need for inclusion and representation in the pop culture world, the Pop Culture Hero Coalition created the first panel for justice over bullying and marginalization at a comic con. Coalition Founder Chase has produced and moderated over thirty panels since, with Co-Founder Carrie moderating when her speaking schedule allows. With these panels, the Coalition seizes the opportunity to:


• Reach out to bullied and other vulnerable kids, giving them a sense of validation and inclusion, including validation from their own heroes, transforming a pop culture event into a life-changing experience.


• Having established connection, provide follow-up for bullied youth, providing ongoing and future resources.


• Provide groundbreaking visibility and opportunities within the pop culture world for human rights organizations who fight bullying and abusive power in all its forms, including:

    • United Nations

    • ACLU

    • NOH8 Campaign

    • Amnesty

    • Justice League NY

    • Kiva

    • The Trevor Project

    • GLSEN

    • Anti-Defamation League

    • Moms Rising

    • Juvenile Justice Project


Panel events include:

    • San Diego Comic-Con

    • Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

    • PAX (Seattle)    

    • NY Comic Con    

    • LA Comic-Con

    • FanX Salt Lake

    • Shore Leave (Baltimore)

    • TerrifiCon (Connecticut)

    • Star Trek Las Vegas

    • WonderCon (Anaheim)

    • Silicon Valley Comic Con

    • Long Island Who

    • Fanime (San Jose)

    • New Jersey Comics Expo

    • Florida SuperCon

Curriculum Editor 

Vanèe Matsalia with Nichelle Nichols

Ukrainian Jewish asylum seeker

Dr. Janina Scarlet with Life After Hate Founder Christian Picciolini 

American Gods’

Ricky Whittle 

Past Events

Our renowned team of experts does keynotes, panels and speaking engagements worldwide. Our panel topics include:

  • End Bullying: Becoming a Superhero In Real Life

    Been bullied? Turn kryptonite into your own personal strength with Pop Culture Hero Coalition’s powerful panel! Topics include conquering bullying, cyber-bullying, & LGBT-bullying, racism, misogyny, and other forms of injustice. Learn strategies for healing, advocacy, and inclusivity, as well as how media affects our attitudes toward bullying, aggression -- and heroism IRL. Moderated by Coalition Founders Chase Masterson and Carrie Goldman.

  • Social Media and Social Conflict: How to Have Online Interactions That Remain Healthy

    Join award-winning author Carrie Goldman for a must-attend workshop on how to resolve social conflict without letting it deteriorate into cyberbullying. Topics to be addressed include: Using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other media in a positive way; Strategies to manage screen addiction; Understanding when to take social conflict offline; Teaching kids how to be educated consumers of sexualized media.

  • What Should I Do When My Child's School Isn’t Responding Effectively to a Bullying Problem?

    Join award-winning Author Carrie Goldman for a critically important workshop about how to deal with a school that has failed to respond effectively to claims of bullying. Topics to be covered include: Victim blaming by school administration; Responding to dismissive claims of “they were just kidding” by others; Strategies for targets; Tattling versus reporting; Turning bystanders into witnesses and allies.

  • Teaching Kids to be Heroes

    Being a hero in real life is tough. Aimed at middle school and high school kids (and their parents and teachers), this session will provide background on the barriers to everyday heroism and give strategies to overcome them. Presented with stories, dry Australian humour, and research, this session will be one you remember. Speaker and Coalition Co-Founder Matt Langdon is the founder of the Hero Construction Company and works with Dr. Phil Zimbardo to promote modern, everyday heroism.

  • Teaching Ourselves to be Heroes: Bully, Bystander, or Batman!

    When others might bully or just stand by in times of trouble, what does it take for someone to do the right thing? How do we learn to be heroic? For that matter, what is heroism? Examples from both real life & fiction help prepare us take action. Dr. Travis Langley (Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind) leads this powerful talk. Don't be a bully or bystander. Be Batman.

  • "From now on,  Comic-Con convention-goers  will come for cosplay, entertainment,  freebies, autographs —  and healing."



At conventions, people write notes to kids who have been bullied, and we give them out to kids in our work in public schools.


Celebrities join the Coalition by making bold statements about themselves, leading kids to celebrate their own individuality and bolster their self-esteem. 


Participating icons, actors and authors include Stan Lee, Melissa Benoist, John Rhys-Davies, Felicia Day, Greg Grunberg, Seth Green, Orlando Jones and Hayley Atwell.

Stan Lee

3 Greg Grunberg • Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars, HeroeS

Coalition Founder Chase Masterson • Star Trek, Doctor Who Big Finish

John Rhys Davies • Lord of the Rings, Shannara Chronicles

Melissa Benoist • Supergirl

Chyler Leigh • Supergirl

Seth Green • Austin Powers, Robot Chicken

Geek Icon Felicia Day • Geek & Sundry

I am Brave

I am Strong

We are Bronies

Ming Na • Agents of Shield

Hayley Atwell • Captain America, Agent Carter

Sylvester McCoy • 7th Doctor Who, The Hobbit

Sebastian Roche • The Man in the High Castle

Ashley Eckstein • Star Wars' Ahsoka Tano; Founder, Her Universe

Rachel Skarsten • Reign, Lost Girl

Clare Kramer • Buffy, Angel, Bring it On

Jason Mewes • Silent Bob

Alison Haislip • Battlebots, Con Men

Comics Icon Gail Simone

Bruce Boxleitner • Tron, Babylon 5

Amu Chu • Alpha Girl Comics

Eoin Macken • Merlin

Carl Lumbly • Chicago Med

Ming Chen (Comic Book Men)

Humberto Ramos • Artist, Spider Man

Neve McIntosh • Doctor Who

Sean Astin (Rudy)

Hal Lublin • Thrilling Adventure Hour

Leah Pipes • Life is Wild

Orlando Jones • Comedian

Rick Howland • Lost Girl

Zoey Deutsch • Ringer

Co-Founder Carrie Goldman & Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein

Dr. Janina Scarlet • Author, Superhero Therapy

Stan Lee & Chase Masterson

Nerd clan



In July 2013, Pop Culture Hero Coalition created the first-ever outreach against bullying at a comic-con. We have participated in over 30 conventions since, including Star Trek conventions, pop culture cons, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.


In July 2016, we created the first-ever San Diego Comic-Con Justice Rally, Hosted by Representative John Lewis’s Policy Advisor, Andrew Aydin.

Our comic-cons panelists have included: 


  • Star Trek Icon • Nichelle Nichols

  • Arrow, Desperate Housewives, Torchwood • John Barrowman, MBE

  • Batman, The Dark Knight • Michael Uslan, Producer

  • Doctor Who • Colin Baker, Sixth Doctor

  • Jokers Wild’s Comedian • Joe Gatto

  • Daredevil • Tommy Walker

  • Batman Executive Producer and Author • Paul Dini

  • Star Wars Clone Wars Actress & Creator, Her Universe • Ashley Eckstein

  • Once Upon a Time Co-Executive Producer • Jane Espenson

  • Agent Carter Executive Producer • Jose Molina

  • Consulting Producer, Beauty and the Beast • Deric Hughes

  • Husbands Star & Executive Producer • Brad Bell

  • Most Craved Host • Jenna Busch

  • America’s Got Talent Comedian • Drew Lynch

  • The Biggest Loser Australia Host • Ajay Rochester



  • United Nations Development Program Political Process Leader • Charles Chauvel

  • United Nations Association San Diego President • Bettina Hausmann 



  • NOH8 Campaign Founders • Adam Bouska & Jeff Parshley

  • Amnesty International • Chair of Board and Former Prisoner of Conscience Ann Burroughs

  • Policy Advisor to US Representative and Civil Rights Icon John Lewis • Andrew Aydin

  • Hollywood Health and Society • Director Kate Langrall Folb 

  • Cartoon Network VP Social Responsibility • Alice Cahn

  • Global Ted Fellow, Countering Violent Extremism; Aranim Games Founder • Suleiman Bakhit

  • Juvenile Justice Project Campaign Manager • Angelo Pinto

  • Cancer Gets Lost Founder • Jo Garfein

  • Gaming Attorney • Angelo Alcid

  • Legion of Leia Founder • Jenna Busch

  • Slate Columnist and Astronomer • Phil Plait

  • Author & Superherologist • Dr. Travis Langley  

  • TEDX Speaker • Dr. Andrea Letamendi

  • Superhero Therapy • Author Dr. Janina Scarlet

  • Founder, Hero Roundtable • Matt Langdon

  • Author & Speaker • Carrie Goldman

  • Coalition Founder • Chase Masterson

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