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A Social Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention Program

Which Draws from Evidence-Based Modalities


32 Lesson Plans • Approximately 25 - 45 Minutes Each • Use Individually or Contiguously 

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards and CASEL Frameworks



Health & Wellness Class • Advisory Block • Zero Period • After School

Small School-based Counseling/Support Groups


Using examples critically acclaimed television, comics and film, which children and teens find relatable and accessible, the Coalition’s pop-culture-savvy clinical psychologists and experts have developed a comprehensive, thirty-two lesson plan Curriculum.  


It is rooted in best practices around bullying and violence prevention; we integrate key research findings from the field into our learning objectives and lessons, while also speaking a language that children and teens love. Topics include: 


• Violence prevention 

• Responding to bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI+bullying 

• Teaching empathy 

• Resiliency 

• How to seek help 

• Handling anger, depression, anxiety 

• Checking implicit bias 

• Becoming allies for targets

• Conflict resolution 

• Restorative practices

• Healthy personal identity (crucial for ending fear and bias)

• Addressing emotional pain that leads to behaviors such as self-harm, addiction, and risk behaviors 


The Curriculum works to develop students’ social and emotional skills, using techniques based on evidence-based therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). 


Representation matters, and the Heroic Journey Curriculum is available with pop culture references that will resonate specifically with children of color.


Since 2013, our team has presented forms of our work at countless conferences, including at:

• The Inaugural Educational Leadership Series: School Climate and Public Policy Forum, in Partnership with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and RULER 

• The United Nations Headquarters • NY, NY

• UNESCO Headquarters • Paris, France

• The Anti-Defamation League Cyberbullying Conference • San Diego, CA 

• The International Bullying Prevention Association Conference • San Diego, CA 

• The World Anti-Bullying Forum • Dublin, Ireland


Please see our psychologists’ and educators’ video here.

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