Support Tools for LGBTQIA+ children, teens, and adults experiencing identity issues, bullying, or discrimination.


Created by Dr. Janina Scarlet and Carrie Goldman with teen consultants Dylan Segall and Thessaly Jane Ravenwood.


More tools coming soon — please join our mailing list to be notified!


Also, please see here for our Lights, Camera...Identity mental health support comic book, and pre-order one here!

Click on any activity to access it! For the interactive parts, you can type directly into the screen - no need to print. However, if you can print at home, and you want to be able to write or draw on paper, feel free to do that.

Never Alone Support Tools

Join our mailing list to be notified about new release of Never Alone, a set support tools for those struggling, written by our LGBTQIA psychologist Dr. Janina Scarlet with trans teens. These tools will be free of charge!

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