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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear

Or is there conflict in your relationships?


Download FREE Activities Below for Emotional and Mental Health


Using The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Batman, Black Panther, Harry Potter, and Other Stories Children, Teens, (and Adults!) Love. 


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Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning Tools by Dr. Janina Scarlet and award-winning author Carrie Goldman

Downloads, free of charge:

Kids: Click on any activity to access it! For the interactive parts, you can type directly into the screen -- no need to print. However, if you can print at home, and you want to be able to write or draw on paper, feel free to do that.

The number of children and teens suffering from depression, anxiety, shame, loneliness, and fear were already rising before the pandemic.


The CDC reports that 80% never receive treatment.


These issues are being exacerbated by the crisis — especially in isolation and an absence of usual support systems. 


To help, our psychologists and educators are now adapting the same mental health support tools

— teaching resilience, emotion regulation, empathy, conflict resolution, restorative justice, and more —

that we're already proving successful in schools.


We will soon make them available globally and free of charge for home use during the crisis for children, teens, and parents in need.

We plan to make them available in English, Spanish, Italian, and German.


Twenty years of university research shows that the type of work our psychologists have created has a powerful, positive impact on children's and teens’ mental health and development, with potentially lifelong benefits. 


The mental health habits that children and teens are now creating during lockdown — healthy or harmful — will impact their futures (and ours!) long after this crisis has ended.


We must act now.


Be a part of creating this global mental health project during COVID-19!


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